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For nefertsukia, whose Hiccstrid drabbles are basically the reason that I descended into this fandom. I’ve actually been a huge closet Hiccstrid lurker for a while without contributing any art, and I’m putting 200% of blame on her since I’ve just been too busy reading her fics and drabbles! They’re basically my canon for this ship right now.

Please give the fics a read and go on over to her tumblr and tell her she’s awesome! 

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Are you mad at me ,milady ?

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Hiccspressions: the real reason for switching to Premo.

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You have to let the dragon know you are a friend.

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"Ooh they’re going on a date, I bet this will be really adora—- guys this is not what I had in mind!!”


(…Wait, the training academy at night?)


Suddenly 1,000 fics became canon.

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The recent rise in popularity of dragons is funny because half of it is because of Game of Thrones and half of it is because of How To Train Your Dragon so all these dragon posts are going around and you never know which fandom you’re gonna brush shoulders with it’s like walking into a dragon’s lair and not knowing if you’re gonna get this


or this


either way, though, you get dead dads


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hergileia asked Hey, there! I was thinking about httyd the other day, specifically the Kill Ring scene. When Hiccup tries to show them that the dragons are not that bad, Stoick says to stop the fight. Maybe he says so, because he remebered Valka, and how she got "killed" because she wouldn't kill a dragon, just like Hiccup. I would like to know your thoughts about it and sorry for my english.

That’s a really good point! However there’s just one thing. Stoick never knew that Valka wouldn’t kill a dragon. He only got to the house in time to see that she was taken away by a dragon, and thought to be killed. Anyways that is definitely a reason Stoick hated dragons so much; they (supposedly) killed his precious beauty Valka.
And it’s fine, your English is great! :) thank you so much for sharing.

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